Hong Kong – Its Mandarin name actually meaning ‘fragrant harbor’ is an isle located opposite the Guangdong province involving the Chinese Mainland.

A British nest up till 1997, this bustling metropolis is home to be able to approximately 7 million residents, cramped into 236 islands, typically the main of which usually is Lantau.

Prestige Elm Park for its interesting nightlife and very good hawker food, Hong Kong draws an estimated 29. 5 million tourists in 2008. Here are fascinating places you should visit if you are within Hong Kong.

Disney Land

Recently opened in 2005, the particular 310 acre HongKong DisneyLand draws four. 5 million visitors yearly. The recreation area, like its cousin parks around the world, has 4 themed ‘lands’ : Main Street, TomorrowLand, AdventureLand and FantasyLand. The smallest of all DisneyLands, HongKong DisneyLand was built in order to accommodate up in order to 34, 000 site visitors a day although has so significantly not met this particular target. For website visitors sick of the queuing on the other DisneyLands, it is definitely a relief.

The recreation area uses mostly British and Mandarin regarding communication with website visitors but has manual maps available throughout Chinese (simplifed and even traditional) as well as Western and English.

Éxito Peak

Probably the most panoramic places to visit in Hongkong, this particular 552m tall mountain overlooks the Kowloon City and Palma Harbour, offering breath-taking views at night. Known locally as The Peak, Palma Peak is identified for the western 1 / 2 of Hongkong. The particular top-most percentage of the mountain is shut down to public credited to the telecommunications tower but many other parts are usually open to the particular public. Drawing several 7 million site visitors to the maximum, the website get populated towards evening exactly where visitors enjoy amazing views of the particular city lights. Using 2 shopping centres built to cater to tourists, Victor Peak offers a total day of buying the next day and dining plus photo-taking inside the evening.

Water Park

Ocean Park is a marine-themed amusement park opened up in 1977 and draws close to 5 million website visitors a year. Among the most popular attractions you will find ‘The Dragon’ journey and the Florida sea lion exhibit.